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On Nature's Terms

On Nature's Terms

The first film of its kind advocating the protection of predators and ecosystems, ON NATURE's TERMS uses dramatic footage and inspirational stories to show how ordinary citizens in both rural and urban America are doing their part to coexist in harmony with predators.

Produced by award-winning filmmaker John de Graaf (AFFLUENZA), this ground-breaking film makes the important connection between the ecological, economic, and social factors essential for carnivore species conservation and the necessity of protecting the large connected expanses of land necessary for their survival.

On Nature's Terms chronicles how age old myths and misperceived notions about these animals devastated predator populations and brought many near to extinction, when settlers made their way west - and how many of these myths still persist today.

The overwhelming message of this film is about hope and possibility; how ordinary citizens - biologists, conservationists, agency personnel, ranchers, and home owners - through their work and through their lives, are protecting, maintaining and restoring these magnificent species and their habitats.

An uplifting and optimistic approach to a serious environmental crisis, this program tells stories, from Wyoming to California, of the U.S. Forest Service ripping up roads, ranchers using non-lethal methods of predator control, biologists studying urban wildlife, a coalition of diverse individuals and agencies protecting critical wildlife corridors and more. The film deftly illustrates how these beautiful and majestic species, and the places they inhabit, are finding a place in America's landscapes and in the heart and mind of the American public.

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