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At the Crossroads

Provides an overview of U.S.-Canadian economic ties, with possible alternatives to marriage with the United States.

National Film Board of Canada | 1987 | 58 minutes

Boom Boom

In voiceover, filmmaker Laurie Lassalle questions her desire to be part of the "Gilets jaunes" (Yellow vests) protest movement in France.

Andana Films | 2022 | 110 minutes

Forgive Us Our Debts

Tells the story of the international grassroots movement to eliminate Third World debt.

Bullfrog Films | 2004 | 50 minutes

Freeports - The Beauty of Tax Free Storage

There is a global network of tax-free storage facilities for valuable goods, catering to the super rich – and it’s virtually unknown, until now. Freeports feature the highest security levels and confidential record keeping. And through their offshore legal status, they offer loopholes for tax savings, critics fear. We investigate.

First Hand Films | 2021 | 52 minutes

I Want to See the Manager

In the light of the current transformations within the global power structure, the documentary by Hannes Lang traces the linkage of economic ascent and decline. 

Deckert Distribution | 2014 | 89 minutes

In Bed with an Elephant

Using archival film footage, this hour-long documentary provides a gripping retrospective of United States-Canada relationships as personified by successive…

National Film Board of Canada | 1986 | 60 minutes

Lost Course

Examines an unprecedented experiment in local democracy in the southern Chinese village of Wukan.

dGenerate Films | 2020 | 180 minutes

Love and Solidarity

An exploration of nonviolence and organizing through the life and teachings of Rev. James Lawson.

Bullfrog Films | 2016 | 38 minutes

Money, Freedom, a Story of the CFA Franc

Explores the history of the CFA Franc and monetary colonization in Africa.

Icarus Films | 2023 | 104 minutes

On the Border of the Ideal

How do ideals survive in times of deep crisis?

Dutch CORE | 2022 | 49 minutes