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The GOOD DOCS Complete Collection

GOOD DOCS are films that do good in the world. Our award-winning collection engages and inspires students by featuring rarely heard stories about individuals and communities working towards a more equitable world. We champion creative expression and complex films that provoke critical thinking. GOOD DOCS represents established documentarians and passionate new filmmakers driven by their experiences as educators, academics, journalists, artists, social workers, community members, and activists. GOOD DOCS films and the GOOD TALKS speaker series offer powerful educational experiences to students and communities everywhere.

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The GOOD DOCS Complete Collection includes the following titles:

Blurring the Color Line (77 min) - imageBlurring the Color Line (77 min)

Stories of Chinese families in the Black South during Jim Crow disrupt the black and white narrative of America's racial history

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 77 minutes | College, Adults
Delikado (94 min) - imageDelikado (94 min)

Three environmental crusaders confront murder and betrayal as they battle to save an island paradise in the Philippines

GOOD DOCS | 2021 | 94 minutes | College, Adults
Displaced - imageDisplaced

Displaced follows the Kovalchuk family, who were among the first refugees to arrive in America after fleeing Ukraine at the start of the Russian invasion

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 28 minutes | College, Adults
EXPOSURE إنكشاف - imageEXPOSURE إنكشاف

A Muslim chaplain, a French biologist, a Qatari princess and eight other women pull 120-pound sledges across the fast-disappearing Arctic Sea ice to become the last-ever team to reach The North Pole

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 88 minutes | College, Adults
Guardians of the Flame - imageGuardians of the Flame

Undeterred by prejudice, post-Katrina neglect, and appropriation of their traditions, the Harrison family guard their legacy, re-defining what Black masking culture means in New Orleans

GOOD DOCS | 2023 | 70 minutes | College, Adults
Gun Shot Wound - imageGun Shot Wound

Gun Shot Wound takes a hard look at routine gun violence in America through the eyes of its trauma surgeons

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 52 minutes | College, Adults
Invented Before You Were Born - imageInvented Before You Were Born

We can't hide from history.

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 89 minutes | College, Adults
King in Chicago - imageKing in Chicago

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Chicago Freedom Movement confront northern racism and poverty

GOOD DOCS | 2009 | 56 minutes | College, Adults
La Bonga - imageLa Bonga

Two decades after a death threat caused the Afro-Colombian community of La Bonga to flee, the townspeople embark on a symbolic journey through the jungle to resurrect a home that exists only in their memories

GOOD DOCS | 2023 | 77 minutes | College, Adults
Last Night I Saw You Smiling - imageLast Night I Saw You Smiling

Director Kavich Neang records his family and neighbors as they prepare to depart Phnom Penh's landmark white building in the face of eviction and demolition

GOOD DOCS | 2019 | 78 minutes | College, Adults

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