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At the Gates of Hell, Ep. 03 - Mara’s War Tax - Honduras

At the Gates of Hell, Ep. 03 - Mara’s War Tax - Honduras

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Every year, dozens of public transportation and taxi drivers are murdered in Honduras – the world's most dangerous country – turning the entire sector into a struggle for survival. The ‘war tax’ is a toll that gangs demand from drivers to work in their territory. Whoever refuses to pay it will pay it with his life or that of a close relative. Who would work in this terrifying business, and at what cost?

Series Description

A series of interviewes in which journalists Sonia López and Noemí Redondo visit different places in Latin America where survival is not equally assured for all human beings. At the Gates of Hell explores some of the deadliest parts of the world where escaping abuse, exploitation, extortion, and even death is a daily battle. This series takes us deep into hidden worlds in Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.

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