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Stunning imagery and fascinating insight into the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, the Large Hadron Collider.

KimStim | 2018 | 75 minutes

I Am Become Death: They Made the Bomb

Illuminating stories told by scientists who actually worked on the Manhattan Project.

Icarus Films | 1995 | 55 minutes

Nostalgia for the Light

Director Patricio Guzmán travels to Chile's Atacama Desert where astronomers examine distant galaxies, archaeologists uncover traces of ancient civilizations, and women dig for the remains of disappeared relatives.

Icarus Films | 2010 | 90 minutes

Thinking Existenz - Ep 08 - Vandana Shiva

A highbrow 10-part series on philosophy, politics and society. Episode 8 stars Vandana Shiva, the Indian physicist combining the struggle for human rights with the protection of the enviroment.

First Hand Films | 2013 | 30 minutes

The Way Things Go

Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss built an enormous, precarious structure out of common household items and then, with fire, water, gravity and chemistry, they created a spectacular chain reaction.

Icarus Films | 1987 | 30 minutes

Who Made You

Artificial intelligence is reaching our mental and physical existence like never before in the history of human kind. It challenges us to face our values, ethics and rethink our position about humanity.

First Hand Films | 2019 | 80 minutes