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City Life - Stop the Traffick

Investigates horror of child sex industry in Cambodia.

Bullfrog Films | 2002 | 27 minutes

Fight for Areng Valley + Lost World

In the Areng valley in southwest Cambodia  members  of the Chong community, supported by Buddhist monks, oppose the construction of a dam that would flood their forest homeland. In Lost World sand mining on Cambodia's west coast undermines the mangrove forests ecosystem that supports a local fishery and a communal way of life. This title has one or more clips.

Face to Face Media | 2018 | 25 minutes

Golden Slumbers

An inventively directed history of the lost Cambodian cinema.

Icarus Films | 2012 | 96 minutes

Holy Smoke

Buddhist monks lead anti-tobacco campaign in Cambodia.

Bullfrog Films | 2002 | 27 minutes

Khmer Rouge, A Simple Matter of Justice

A UN-appointed judge and his team track down those responsible of the crimes committed in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime from April 1975 to January 1979.

Icarus Films | 2013 | 79 minutes

Last Night I Saw You Smiling

Director Kavich Neang records his family and neighbors as they prepare to depart Phnom Penh's landmark white building in the face of eviction and demolition

GOOD DOCS | 2019 | 78 minutes

Red Wedding

RED WEDDING tells the couragous story of Socha Pen, a Cambodian woman forced to marry a Khmer Rouge soldier in the wake of Pol Pot's 1975-79 campaign to increase population, and her ensuing quest for justice.

Women Make Movies | 2013 | 58 minutes

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

John Pilger alerts the world to the bloody reign of Pol Pot in Cambodia.

Bullfrog Films | 2006 | 53 minutes