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Acting Blind

Takes audiences behind the scenes as a company of non-professional actors rehearse a play about life without sight. The performers have no problem imagining themselves in these roles: they are blind themselves.

The Fanlight Collection | 2006 | 52 minutes

Bernadette Lafont: And God Created the Free Woman

French actress Bernadette Lafont was a multi-faceted performer, who refused to be boxed into one role.

Icarus Films | 2016 | 66 minutes

Harry Dean Stanton - Partly Fiction

A mesmerizing, impressionistic portrait of the iconic actor comprised of intimate moments, film clips from some of his 250 films and his own heart-breaking renditions of American folk songs.

First Hand Films | 2012 | 77 minutes

A Hundred Different Ways

In 1987, Catherine Russell first stepped on stage in the play, Perfect Crime. Twenty-five years and only four missed performances later, she’s in The Guinness Book of World Records for the most performances by an actor in a single part.

MediaStorm | 2012 | 13 minutes

Inside My Heart

Reality and fiction merge in this film about – and featuring – professional actors with intellectual disabilities, which explores the heart-rending tensions between what its spontaneous stars want, are able and are allowed to do.

Dutch CORE | 2022 | 86 minutes

Madam Phung's Last Journey

Madam Phung and her transgender singers travel around Vietnam, sparking fascination and hostility from the local people.

Icarus Films | 2014 | 87 minutes


A portrait of actor and director Alison Peebles as she faces the progress of her multiple sclerosis

The Fanlight Collection | 2006 | 29 minutes

1711 Videos - Trespassing Bergman Ep 1: Comedy

Directors Thomas Alfredson and Wes Anderson discuss comedy filmmaking and Bergman's films.

First Hand Films | 2013 | 45 minutes

1711 Videos - Trespassing Bergman Ep 2: Death

Alejandro Innárritu comes to Bergman's home and muses on filmmaking and death.

First Hand Films | 2013 | 45 minutes

1711 Videos - Trespassing Bergman Ep 3: Adventure

Acclaimed directors Zhang Yimou and Daniel Espinosa discuss Bergman's film taste, and their own sense of adventure.

First Hand Films | 2013 | 45 minutes