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Dance Camera West 2023

A selection of Dance Camera West's 2023 film festival program.

Dance Camera West | 2023 | 82 minutes

Dance Camera West Showcase 2024

Dance Camera West presents the 22nd edition of its internationally renowned Los Angeles-based film festival committed to exploring dance in the context of cinema.

Dance Camera West | 2024 | 100 minutes


In the heart of Paris, a prestigious high school takes an audacious bet: integrate students from working-class districts and make them break the circle of school failure through dance and hip hop. Rookies tells their story.

Distrib Films | 2023 | 115 minutes

Short Doc Series 2022

Featuring behind-the-scenes, rehearsals and personal stories of the artists we often only see on stage. Learn how dances are made from the people who make them. As Covid shutdowns forced dancers to take time away from performances, they used the time and space to create introspective films about their art to continue speaking to their audiences.

Dance Camera West | 2022 | 75 minutes

Short Experimental Films 2022

International Shorts Programs features short experimental dance films from Canada, U.S., Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom.

Dance Camera West | 2022 | 150 minutes

Visibility 2022

Dance Camera West received a NEA grant to mentor BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists. The participants were shortlisted from the three LA based dance festivals with the potential for a strong cinematic impact on the choreography by partnering them with experienced, skilled dance filmmakers as mentors. DCW is a producer on the project, and left all artistic decisions up to the teams. The 2022 selected artists are Letxia Cordova, Marquisa Gardner, Irishia Hubbard, Alyssa Junious, Austyn Rich, RouRou Ye. The Mentors are Cara Hagan, Robin Gee, Roma Flowers, Yolanda Guadarrama.

Dance Camera West | 2022 | 33 minutes

A Way to B

Gorgeous images of dances, stunning while thought provoking: the dancers are handicapped.

First Hand Films | 2023 | 98 minutes