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The Awakening of the Ants

Isa finds herself at a breaking point awakening to the possibilities of a life lived on her own terms, in this engrossing and intimate feature debut from writer/director Antonella Sudasassi Furniss.

Pragda Films | 2019 | 94 minutes

Black Bread

The Spanish selection for the 89th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film, Black Bread is set in the war-ravaged Catalan countryside of the early 1940s where a local man is accused of murder and his son sets out to find the truth.

Pragda Films | 2011 | 108 minutes

The Delay

An exploration of the intense, painful ambivalence of family responsibility. When her elderly father's mental deterioration becomes a burden for her and three young children, María has to make a drastic decision.

Pragda Films | 2012 | 84 minutes

Invasion: A Diary of Panama's U.S. Invasion

The invasion of Panama by the U.S on Christmas and New Year of 1989 – when American troops deposed dictator Manuel Noriega, killing an unknown number of civilians in the process- serves as an excuse to explore how a people remember, transform, and often forget their past in order re-define their identity and become who they are today.

Pragda Films | 2014 | 94 minutes

Island in Between

A personal, poetic look at the uneasy peace on the frontline between Taiwan and China.

dGenerate Films | 2023 | 20 minutes


A political and emotionally charged story, experienced by two 11-year-old boys coming from opposite ends of the social spectrum in the days leading up to the military coup in Chile.

Pragda Films | 2004 | 120 minutes


Mateo agrees to infiltrate a local theatre group to reveal its members’ political activities. Enthralled with the troupe's lifestyle, he's under pressure to incriminate the actors.

Pragda Films | 2014 | 86 minutes

A Moonless Night

Up-and-coming Uruguayan director Germán Tejeira creates a moving, poignant, and witty character study in his first feature film.

Pragda Films | 2015 | 81 minutes

My Grandmother's House

A beautifully constructed documentary that depicts with great subtlety the changing ways in suburban Spain. Adán Aliaga has turned a simple subject into a dashing and fast paced, remarkably candid documentary on family life in Spain, modernization and generational change. A tribute to grandmothers everywhere, filled with painterly images of southeastern Spain and a director’s love for his family.

Pragda Films | 2005 | 80 minutes


A powerful, nuanced look at a country’s efforts to come to terms with a dark chapter in its history.

Pragda Films | 2014 | 99 minutes