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The Aging Collection

The Aging Collection from Docusek2, features titles from several distributors devoted to issues related to aging.

The films in Docuseek2's Aging Collection examine and helps redefine how we look at the process of growing older. The films in this collection are optimistic, and always honest, never shying away from difficult subjects. Topics range from how older women view their changing physical features; elder artists; the challenges of long-term care; and the problem of financial and even sexual exploitation of older relatives.

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The Aging Collection includes the following titles:

A Mother Never Gives up Hope - imageA Mother Never Gives up Hope

Candid stories of four older women who are dealing with abuse at the hands of an adult son.

Terra Nova Films | 2009 | 42 minutes
A Thousand Tomorrows: Intimacy, Sexuality and Alzheimer's - imageA Thousand Tomorrows: Intimacy, Sexuality and Alzheimer's

An exploration of the changes that Alzheimer's disease has on intimacy and sexuality.

Terra Nova Films | 1995 | 31 minutes
Alzheimers and African Americans - imageAlzheimers and African Americans

Alzheimer's in the African-American community.

Terra Nova Films | 2007 | 27 minutes
Backing Out of Time - imageBacking Out of Time

The emotions and concerns of five diverse families as they navigate a new and often sudden terrain — caregiving

Terra Nova Films | 2015 | 60 minutes
Cyber-Seniors - imageCyber-Seniors

A group of senior citizens take their first steps into cyber-space under the tutelage of teenage mentors

Terra Nova Films | 2014 | 52 minutes
Elder Abuse: Five Case Studies - imageElder Abuse: Five Case Studies

Candid accounts from victims of elder abuse.

Terra Nova Films | 1990 | 43 minutes
Forget Me Not - imageForget Me Not

Filmmaker David Sieveking portrays the domestic care of his mother Gretel, who, like millions of others, is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

KimStim | 2012 | 88 minutes
Friends for Life - imageFriends for Life

At 76, Warren DeWitt was single and living alone. 90-year-old Arden Peters was caring for his Alzheimer-stricken wife. In "Friends for Life", an unlikely commitment between these two gentlemen eases the burden of old age for both of them.

MediaStorm | 2005 | 9 minutes | 4-12, college, adults
Grow Old Along With Me: The Poetry of Aging - imageGrow Old Along With Me: The Poetry of Aging

Aging as an ongoing creative process.

Terra Nova Films | 2000 | 57 minutes
He Wouldn't Turn Me Loose - imageHe Wouldn't Turn Me Loose

Presents the real-life case of 96-year-old Miss Mary, who is sexually assaulted by her grandson - and documents how she fully participated in his subsequent trial and prosecution.

Terra Nova Films | 2012 | 28 minutes

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