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Fonko - Episode 3: Angola + Ghana

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Ghana and Angola are two of the fastest growing economies in the world, as well as two countries in midst of a musical revolution. Angola is still trying to come to terms with the three decades of civil war that tormented the country. Meanwhile kuduro, which could be described as extravagant ghetto techno, has grown out of the shanty towns to become the country's biggest cultural asset.

Ghana has a totally different tradition of education and democracy. Ghanian musicians don’t need to fight for freedom of speech and therefore focus on artistic luxuries as irony and pastiche.

This freedom is used to challenge religious and traditional sentiments. But also to create ever new styles of light hearted dance music. The latest craze is azonto.

Featured artists: Wanlov the Kubulor, EL, Sarkodie, Diplo, Sister Deborah, Titica, Tony Amado, Djeff, Sebem, a.m.o.

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