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Beyond Boobs

Boobs. Melons. Bazookas: American director Kristen Vermilyea has large breasts, neck pain, back pain and balance issues. Her decision to get a reduction triggers questions about identity, aging and bodies. Kristen departs on a series of humorous adventures before going under the knife.

First Hand Films | 2018 | 52 minutes

Breathe Easy

78-year-old Lois Perelman reflects on aging, disability, self esteem, and public perception.

The Fanlight Collection | 2007 | 8 minutes


A group of senior citizens take their first steps into cyber-space under the tutelage of teenage mentors

Terra Nova Films | 2014 | 52 minutes

Let's Face It-Women Explore Their Aging Faces

A touching and honest glimpse into the intimate self-explorations of several women in their 40's, 50's, and 60's as they face the natural reality of sags and bags, lines and wrinkles.

Terra Nova Films | 2002 | 26 minutes

Look Us in the Eye: The Old Women's Project

Founders of the Old Women's Project, an activist organization that challenges ageism

Terra Nova Films | 2007 | 25 minutes

No Age Limit: Creativity and Aging

Explores the life-enhancing impact of continued creativity and artistic expression--well into the later years.

Terra Nova Films | 2009 | 26 minutes


What happens when a nursing home decides to throw out the bingo boards and take on the Odyssey instead? Penelope tells the story of how residents collaborate to create “Finding Penelope”, a play reinterpreting Homer’s Odyssey from Penelope’s point of view. As we learn, some heroes stay at home!

371 Productions | 2013 | 53 minutes

The Personals

This Academy-Award winning film follows a drama group for senior citizens, as they create and perform a play about looking for dates through the personal ads.

The Fanlight Collection | 1998 | 37 minutes

Positive Images of Aging

A compilation DVD that gives you access to 14 different video segments that each reflect a positive image of aging.

Terra Nova Films | 2007 | 56 minutes

Sunset Story

Two elderly women activists change the way we look at aging

GOOD DOCS | 2003 | 75 minutes