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Black Market

The sale of bear paws, crocodile hearts, and other rare animal parts form the world's third-largest illegal market. Black Market explores the human passions and ancient beliefs that drive the trade and threaten its most endangered species.

MediaStorm | 2007 | 11 minutes

El Nino

El Niño is a young boy who lives in La Línea de la Concepción, close to Rock of Gibraltar, repairing and testing motorboats. Convinced by El Compi, El Niño accepts to be a drug mule.

Distrib Films | 2015 | 104 minutes

Excellent Cadavers

A dramatic investigation of the recent history of the Mafia and its integral relationship to postwar Italian politics. Based on the book by Alexander Stille.

First Hand Films | 2006 | 92 minutes


In the depths of the Sierra of Guerrero in Mexico, after the disappearance of the 43 students, we find the reaction of wounded civil society to seek an answer to the situation of abuse of authority mixed with poverty.

Collective Eye Films | 2022 | 115 minutes

La Sierra

Tracing a year in the life of a neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia ruled by a paramilitary gang, this is a searing exploration of three lives defined by years of overwhelming violence.

Icarus Films | 2005 | 84 minutes

Mafioso, Into the Heart of Darkness

They claimed to be “men of honour”; in reality, they were killers for the Cosa Nostra (Sicily). Here, three of them tell their stories.

Andana Films | 2022 | 52 minutes

Reporters Against Power, Ep. 3 - Colombia

Fidan Ekiz visits Henry Ramirez, a local journalist in the Colombian port city of Buenaventura.

First Hand Films | 2016 | 42 minutes

The Room of Bones

Follows the passage of four mothers in the Institute for Legal Medicine as they search for their children’s remains in the midst of three decades of social violence in El Salvador.

Women Make Movies | 2015 | 61 minutes

The Shooting on Mole Street

A gripping documentary that follows two cops verité-style, while capturing the complex dynamics of a community where selling drugs is seen as the only option for many young men.

Icarus Films | 1998 | 90 minutes

The Singular Story of Unlucky Juan

A comprehensive, accessible examination of the particularities of the Cuban economy.

Icarus Films | 2016 | 52 minutes